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Children's Wishes

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About Us

Children’s Wishes grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical illnesses between the ages of 2 1/2 and 18 years of age. Children’s Wishes was formed in 2009 by a dedicated group of wishgranting volunteers who wanted to grant the wishes of children in Rhode Island. Humbled by the Wish Children and the power of the Wish, Children’s Wishes strives to give hope to children facing challenging medical conditions.

Wishgranting has proven to be a powerful healer of a child’s spirits. Whether the Wish is to have their very own computer, go on a family vacation, meet their heroes or something as simple as wanting a party for their family and friends or some other special Wish, Children’s Wishes works with the child’s family, physicians, social workers, teachers and others to make sure every effort is made to make the child’s Wish experience one that will leave a unique and positive imprint on the child’s life experience. The joy of having their Wish come true is unique to each child. However, no matter the Wish, the positive impact on the family and Wishgranters is universal. To experience the happiness and joy a Wish can bring to a child’s life is an cherished memory for all who are lucky enough to be a part of the Children’s Wishes Family.

Children’s Wishes works to bring dreams to life. Children’s wishes is funded through the generosity of our donors, grants and volunteers. We invite you to become part of the Children’s Wishes Family…see the power of a Wish…feel the impact for a lifetime!